INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY #IWD2020 #EachforEqual March 8, 2020

Housekeepers, farmers, biologist, cooks, hospitality… These women are daily committed to their work in order to welcoming you in the best possible way. Their engagement are vital for the conservation of the Lao elephants. Here are some portraits:
#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2020 #EachforEqual
Mrs Chan – “Meet our head chef, headstrong, hardworking and hilarious. From cooking to back massages, she has magical hands.”
Céline – “This our financial manager and a true gift to the centre : an unstoppable force with a impeccable work ethic, caring nature and endless positivity!”
Mrs Dam – “”Bo pen Yang” meaning no problem in Laos is the perfect description of Mrs. Dam. No favour is too big or small.”
Mrs Deng – “She is the center’s memory. She’s also a wealth of knowledge about the plants we have here. She is as courageous as she is shy.”
Mrs Song – “If you want a beer after your tour? Song’s bungalow is the place to be! Incredibly outgoing, she is everyones friend!”
Mrs Ampay – “Ampay is an amazing woman and so full of energy. She is an extraordinary worker and all the while her smile never leaves her face. Just one smile from Ampay is sure to make your day better.”
Mrs Hak – “There is never a dull moment with the jokester around: she is sure to keep a smile on your face.”
Mrs Kop – “Seen as a mother figure by many here. She will always make sure you have enough food on your plate.”
Anabel – “Anabel from Spain is full of energy even after 7 years spent at the Center! Her passion is infectious and she could convince the strongest critic to protect elephants!”
Mrs Muang – “Our youngest cook, she braves the local markets every day at sunrise to ensure we have fresh, seasonal products in the kitchens. Her name means ‘mango’ and we find it perfectly suited to her sweet, delicate nature!”