Final results of the ECC’s education activities


The Elephant Festival in Sayaboury took place between 21st-28th January this year. The Elephant Conservation Center proposed Sayaboury authorities to develop educational activities during the event. The ECC proposed a theme to local student: ‘Elephants: an Umbrella Species’. After a week of painting and drawing, the final result is amazing and perfectly reflects the crucial role elephants play in their ecosystem. Besides the main event organised a day earlier (‘Let’s Run to Protect the Elephants’), the ECC Team is so pleased by the commitment shown by the students! We sincerely thank the festival organizers and the local authorities for having given us the opportunity to raise awareness about the Asian elephant by implementing these creative educational activities. Everyday, we fight the conservation battle in order to increase the elephant numbers in Laos. Of course, huge thanks to the 400 students who participated in our activities and see you all very soon at the ECC as you are all invited!

Elephant-Painting4 Elephant-painting3

Elephant-painting2 Elephant-painting5

With the presence of:

Mr. Pongsavanh SIPTHAVONG – Governor of Sayaboury Province

Mr. Naniong SIPASEUTH – Vice Governor

Mrs. Bounpack ITHAPAGNIA – Vice Governor

Mr. Phengnilan KHAMPAMPENG – Vice Governor