Meet the Herd!

Discover the Largest Elephant Herd Under Human Care in Laos

Thong Khoun 2

Mae Bounmy Noy

Mae Bounmy Nyai

Mae Khian

Mae Boun Nam

Thong Khoun

Boun Pheng

Mae Kham Pheng

Mae Kham Ohn


Mae Ven

Mae Thong Bay

Mae Khoun Song

Mae Khoun

Mae Dok

Bua Banh

Mae Bounmah

Mae Kham

Mae Boua Ngeun

Mae Khoun Noy

Mae Kham Peng 2

Mae Bounthan

Mae Bounmy

Dor Khoun Meuang

Dor Kham Song

Phai Kham Sing

Mae Noy


Mae Lay Kham