Mae Boua Ngeun

History: Mae Boua Ngeun was born in Thongmixay province in 2015. She is half wild and half captive since her mother is a captive elephant and her dad is wild. She came at the age of 2 months old with her mother Mae Kham to be raised at the ECC. Mae Boua Ngeun is full of energy and she really enjoys being surrounding by other elephants. She is especially playful with Mae Boun Nam and with our juvenile males, Suriya and Dor Khoun Muang. They can play together for hours!

Mae Boua Ngeun’s mahout is training her with positive reinforcement every day. This training is very important since it allows the hospital team and her mahout to check her health daily in a soft way. Until now, she opens the mouth, so we can check her teeth, present her front and hind feet for foot care, being washed with a brush for her skin care, etc. On top of that, this training reinforces the bonds between the calf and her mahout since it is like a game for her but at the same time, a nice way to take care of her for her mahout.

Distinguishing features: Round-shaped body.

Personality traits: very playful and bold.

Maternity: No calves.

  • Gender: Female
  • Year of birth: July 2015
  • Arrived at the ECC: 2015
  • Weight (2019): 650 kg
Olexandr Rupeta