Mae Dok

History: Mae Dok was born in Ban Muang village, Hongsa district, Sayaboury province. She was used for extensive logging operations for 30 years. Consequently, she had a big wound on her back, and she was very week. Since she couldn’t work anymore, the owner wanted to sell. She was rescued by the ECC and US based charity Elephants Umbrella Fund and was the first elephant to arrive at the ECC. Once at the center, the ECC veterinarians and her new mahout, treat her wound daily. A few months later, her wound was recovered but she was still very week. Slowly she started to become more active and look healthier and healthier every year. The ECC team is very happy to see the evolution of her health. She is a very kind and slow elephant and enjoys her life of retirement.

Distinguishing features: Few freckles on the ears and on the forehead, dark brown eyes, tired looking eyes, cone shaped head, hollow cheeks, pronounced back, dark skin.

Personality traits: Mae Dok is the oldest elephant at the center. In the wild, the elephant herd is led by the oldest and largest female cow known as the matriarch. However, Mae Dok has not taken on this role due to her inexperience in elephant herds and because she is not a dominant elephant. Due to her age, Mae Dok moves at a slower pace. Although she is part of the herd, Mae Dok also enjoys being alone. However, she seems to find protection in Mae Kham Ohn, so they spend lot of time together. After two years of the herding program, she started to enjoy taking care of Suriya.

Maternity:  no pregnancies, too old to reproduce

  • Gender: female
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Arrived at the ECC: March 2011
  • Weight (2019): 2690 kg
Mae Dok