Thong Khoun

History: Thong Khoun 2 was working in the logging industry most of his life. However, when the government banned the logging industry, he and his mahout found themselves jobless. After that, he was rented by a Chinese tourist camp in Sayaboury province. He worked there as a stud. Two years later, the Chinese camp closed and he and the other elephants went back to their villages. We contacted his owner to ask if he would be interested in including Thong Khoun in our breeding program. Since then, he mostly spends time with the females in the forest. Thong Khoun 2 is also part of our “male research” so the ECC team is collecting fecal samples from him twice a week in order to monitor his testosterone and other hormones levels.

Distinguishing features: Small hole in his right ear, large head, wide trunk. Tuskless.

Personality traits: Aggressive male, difficult to handle. he likes to spend time with females.

Paternity: no known calves.

  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1982
  • Arrived at the ECC: February 2018
  • Weight (2019): 3500 kg