Mae Kham Ohn

History: Mae Kham Ohn was used in logging camps in the Pak Beng District, Oudomxay Province until the ECC bought her in 2011. Because of her very strong personality and large size, the mahouts found it very difficult to control her while logging so she was sold from one mahout to another. We are lucky that her last mahout decided to sell her to the ECC. At first, Mae Kham Ohn was very difficult since she didn’t trust anyone. It was not rare to see her escape or run away from her mahout. The situation changed with the arrival of her current mahout, Mr. Bout. He was able to understand her personality and win her trust. At the same time, she found comfort in one of our females, Mae Boun Nam, and they became real good friends. Right now, Mae Kham Ohn has her little herd and bond very well with Mr. Bout. We are very happy that she is pregnant and we’re keeping a closely eye to her baby and herself.

Distinguishing features: Very tall, small yellow eyes, smooth skin with few wrinkles, rounded ears without tears

Personality traits: Mae Kham Ohn has a very strong personality and became the leader of the herd despite her young age. She is a dominant elephant and likes to protect and take care of the herd. Mae Kham Ohn doesn’t really like to interact with humans, more so now that she is pregnant since December 2017.

Maternity: first pregnancy since December 2017

  • Gender: Female
  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Arrived at the ECC: May 2011
  • Weight (2019): 3290 kg
Jimmy Beunardeau