People Power

Our Staff is the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

A pluri-cultural team of dedicated professionals

Our team includes:

  • Site Manager: human resources management and project development;
  • Finance Officer: accounting & finances;
  • Administration Officer: relationships with the Lao Government & admin;
  • Communication Officer: marketing & communications, public information & environmental education material;
  • 2 Biologists + 1 Visiting Biologist: scientific research, reproduction; socialisation, running the lab and behavioural data collection & analysis;
  • Veterinary Assistant + Visiting Veterinarians: elephants diet, positive reinforcement training & veterinary care;
  • Conservation Officer: pastures management, rangers’ training and wild elephants conservation programmes;
  • 28 Mahouts: managing the current population of elephants at the ECC;
  • Hospitality Manager: visitors’ reservations and stay on site; marketing & communications
  • 4 Guides: informing visitors during their stay and making sure that the programmes are implemented;
  • 6 Farmers: growing supplementary foods for elephants and managing the organic garden for our kitchen;
  • 6 Cooks: preparing meals for visitors & staff;
  • 3 Housekeepers: cleanliness of all facilities;
  • 2 Drivers: transporting staff & visitors by land or by boat;
  • 4 Technicians: construction of facilities and their maintenance;
  • Office Clerk: welcoming visitors at our Luang Prabang office;
  • 2 Military: safety of both people and elephants on site.