Our Funds

Where does our money come and go?

A Social Enterprise

The Elephant Conservation Center is a Lao-French Joint Venture Company established in Sayaboury Province, Lao PDR in 2010. It opened its doors to the public in 2011. The bulk of our funding comes from paid visits to the site. We also raise funds via grant requests submitted to international agencies and foundations, via fundraising actions on the internet (crowdfunding) and we receive donations from private donors.

As shown on the charts below, our funds are spent in their vast majority on elephant welfare and conservation actions. The ECC employs 65 staff (2019), 90% of which are Lao citizens. From 2019 onwards, most of our institutional funding will be aimed at supporting the Nam Pouy National Protected Area conservation projects undertaken by ECC and the Sayaboury Province in relation with wild elephants conservation and habitat protection.

Our Revenue

  • Your Visit
  • Donations
  • Shop & Bar

Where does your money go?

  • Elephant care
  • Staff
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Equipment, building
  • Communication & shop
  • Administration
  • Energy

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