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Releasing elephants into the wild, a world’s first?

With our soft release project, we are running a final test to see whether captive elephants can be returned to the wild. Our goal is to create cohesive family groups to strengthen the wild population. It has been well underway, and the results look very promising. But are we the first to release elephants back […]

Bringing elephants back to the wild, a closer look

The Elephant Conservation Center has been taking big steps towards one of our main goals, releasing groups of captive elephants back into the wild. Since March 2019, a group of 5 elephants has been living in the neighboring national park, Nam Pouy. But how did we get here, and what are the following steps? At […]

An intimate night in the Socialization Area

It is important for our release program that we know what our elephant herds are up to during the night. That’s why we organized another night observation in one of our socialization areas. Members of our staff spent the night in the observation tower and used our night camera to keep an eye on them. […]

The Elephant Conservation Center will plant 5,000 trees this year

The volunteers of Volunteer Eco Students Abroad (VESA) have purchased trees and over the next three months, they will plant all of them in Nam Tien Protected Area, where the Center is located. June 1st is national tree planting day in Laos: The Governor of Sayaboury Province, M. Phongsawanh SITTHAVONG, joined VESA at the ECC […]

ECC & the Smithsonian Institution

ECC is proud to partner with the Smithsonian Institution to monitor elephants’ hormone levels and contribute to a better understanding of their life cycle and needs. Thank you Janine Brown! ??Sound the trumpets for Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute research physiologist Janine Brown this #InternationalWomensDay! She heads the Zoo’s endocrinology lab—one of the world’s largest that […]

ECC: Supporting Laos’ elephant camps

Anabel Lopez Perez, ECC’s biologist in charge of our breeding programme and of the management of our male elephants, and Kan Thissamone, vet assistant and elephant welfare manager, both went to the Mekong Elephant Park (EMP) in Pakbeng for a few days. The purpose of their visit was to check the health of EMP’s elephants. […]

The story of our elephants return to the wild begins today!

We are now in the first stages of testing our herding process! Four adult females and a male calf left the Center March 5th and are currently walking to Thongmixay, the southern region of the NPNPA, in order to attempt a soft release. These elephants have only been together for a few months, and are […]