Returning to the Wild…

On March 19th, 2019, 4 cow elephants and a male juvenile from the Elephant Conservation Center have been released in the Nam Pouy National Biodiversity Area, a first in Laos!

Congratulations to the ECC team: Chrisantha Pinto (Biologist), Michael Falshaw (Forestry Manager), our mahout team Bounsom Soukthavone (mahout of Mae Khian), Mone Sisombat (mahout of Mae Bounmy Niai) Keo Inthavong (mahout of Mae Bounma), Pone Douangkeo (mahout of Mae Noy) and Naly Onsi (mahout of Do Khoun Meuang). This ‘soft release’ will last 4 months during which the elephants will roam freely in the NBA with regular checks by the ECC team. At the end of the experiment, we will compile the data obtained and evaluate the feasibility of proceeding with the last step of our programme: the permanent release of the herd in the Nam Pouy NBA using GPS tracking technology.