Sponsor an elephant

The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) contributes to the conservation of the Asian elephant, an emblematic species worldwide. Currently, the ECC is the only company that provides international-standard welfare in Laos and actively encourages reproduction in elephants.

In order to help the Elephant Conservation Center carry on its work, we propose you to sponsor an elephant by making a donation of $60. You will then have access to our elephants’ video blog for one entire year. Videos are shot by our biologist team and uploaded regularly so that you will keep an eye on their social life!

Sponsored Elephants

Elephants registered in the Sponsoring programme live at the Elephant Conservation Center. They are either pregnant females, mothers with their babies, injured or sick elephants undertaking treatment, or old animals enjoying a peaceful and well deserved retirement. All these elephants are cared for by the Center’s biologist and veterinary team.


Elephant Rescue

Taking elephants out of the logging industry and offering them a safe haven to rest, feed and breed

Elephant Welfare

Provide an apropriate natural environment and quality care services to Lao elephants

Re-herding programme

Re-create social bonds within our elephant group at the 'Socialization Area'.


Our commitments

The Elephant Conservation Center is committed to providing quality care to the elephant that you sponsor, to ensure him/her good health and wellbeing.

Once your payment is made and received by the Center, you will be able to login and access the blog dedicated to your elephant (see details of the procedure on the confirmation page of your payment).

If you are planning a trip to Laos, you are welcome at the Centre to visit the elephant you have sponsored!

The sponsorship period lasts one year.

Please note: Several people may sponsor the same elephant.


Using your donations

Your donation is used to provide supplementary foods to the elephants, purchase more land and cover veterinary expenses


Procedure to  sponsor an elephant at the ECC

  1. Choose the elephant you want to sponsor;
  2. Click the ‘PayPal’ button;
  3. Follow the steps to activate your account;
  4. Return to your elephant’s page.

Sponsor an elephant