Endocrinology laboratory in Sayaboury

In 2018, thanks to the Australian embassy, we were able to set up an Endocrinology laboratory in Sayaboury.

Through the support of the Australian Embassy, the Smithsonian Institute and Lynette Preston, Anabel López Pérez was able to travel to the US. There, she has been training for over three months in endocrinology research. This is the first laboratory established in Laos with the purpose of conservation research. The process of setting up the laboratory is now complete. So, Anabel will begin working on analyzing blood samples from all of our breeding females.

By monitoring their progesterone levels we will be able to improve our breeding program and ensure the continuation of the species. However, her work will not stop there. Anabel has also implemented a new male management protocol and is tracking both testosterone and cortisol levels. As a result, we will better understand what triggers musth. This will create a safer working environment for our elephants and mahouts.