Elephant Welfare

Based on the Five Freedoms of Animals Under Human Care



Adhering to these simple welfare values give us a framework

for the daily care of our resident elephants.

Simple, yet Vital

They may seem common sense but it is crucial to formally adopt them and implement them. The Elephant Conservation Center strictly follow these rules and our staff and visitors can verify it anytime as our visitor’s programmes at the Center are actually designed around the observation of these 5 freedoms.

Freedom from malnutrition

by providing ready access to fresh water and a forest filled with natural foods to maintain full health and vigour.


Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort

by providing an appropriate environment including shade, access to water sources and social interaction with other elephants.

Freedom from injury or disease

by providing experienced mahouts or keepers who can handle the elephants without causing injury.

Freedom from fear and stress

by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering (Implement positive reinforcement training techniques / Minimise public contact / Elephants free to move at will, escape and find refuge / Maintain elephants in social groups when at rest / No tethering during the day except for their own welfare).

Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour

by providing sufficient space where elephants are able and encouraged to dig, bathe, dive, forage, mud bathe etc. and enjoy the company of other elephants in a social structure of mixed gender and age.