Elephant Rescues

Offering a New Life to Elephants and Their Mahouts

Joumban and Mae Seang

Boten was the home of two elephants, Joumban and  Mae Seang, a 34-year-old male and 32-year-old female respectively.

They spent most of their time in the parking lot behind     a neon-lit spot called the Club Excellente.

The Elephant Conservation Center  has welcomed them in their new home where they will spend the rest of their lives, and even might be released into the Nam Pouy Protected Area if they manage to bond with other elephants.

Wounded, Sick or Old Elephants

Top priority is given to elephants in need. When an elephant has been injured and needs medical treatment, the ECC is the natural choice for their owners. We provide free veterinary care to all elephants in need at the only elephant hospital in Laos.

Old elephants are unlikely to receive proper care as they are no longer a source of income for owners, but have rather become a liability. The ECC will welcome these elephants and offer them a proper retirement! Old elephants are experienced elephants. Within a herd, they are an asset to transmit their knowledge to younger ones.

Females of Breeding Age

The ECC is always interested in the purchase of female elephants of breeding age. We need to secure the last fertile cows in Laos to make sure they can give birth and contribute to the conservation of the species.

When owners are willing to sell a female elephant, we undertake tests and vet checks to make sure the animal has the potential to breed. If this is confirmed, the cow can enter our breeding programme and will be proposed Sires with which she can spend time at the breeding area.

Adult Male Elephants

Adult bulls are usually more difficult to control than more docile females. Few tourist camps are willing to host male elephants as they can pose a safety risk to their visitors.

We at ECC accept all elephants, including these males as we have a specific area designed for them when they enter their ‘musth‘ period (an outburst of testosterone that makes them aggressive once or twice a year)

Musth control is a difficult part of our work and requires the best available mahouts, safety protocols, equipment (including sedative dart guns) and the ability to keep elephants under close control at all times. It is also crucial to be able to determine when an elephant is entering musth in order to be prepared.


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