History: Xayo came from Sayaboury. He used to work in the logging industry. When the logging industry stopped, his owner brought him to the ECC, so we could take care of him and included him in our breeding program. He arrived in 2018 with a very strong temper. As soon as we put him with females, he would begin to be in musth and show an aggressive behaviour towards people.  He grew up isolated from other elephants which partly explains this kind of behavioural changes. However, he enjoyes the company of other elephants. The fact that we separated him from the females, made him frustrated and we believe this is the reason for his aggressive reaction. Currently, Xayo spends a lot of time with other adult male elephants and he has really bonded with our senior male Thong Khoun. Being with other males made him feel safer and since then, he behaves more calmly and shows more confidence than before.

Distinguishing features: Small tusks

Personality traits: His shy nature makes him quite unpredictable.

Paternity: no information

  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: N/A
  • Arrived at the ECC: March 2018
  • Weight (2019): 3467 kg