Mae Ven

History: Mae Ven was born in Hongsa district, Northern Sayaboury Province. Mae Ven’s parents were also from the same village. Mae Ven was working in the logging industry. She was healthy and strong most of the time and the mahout considered her a good working elephant. She only has one old injury from her working life; a hard mass in the right front leg. Apparently, this injury was caused when she was chained up for a few days without being moved or checked by her mahout and she hurt herself. No one treated her wound, so this is why she has a big scar. Before 2009, she had 2 calves. In 2009, Mae Ven’s owners wanted one more calf so they bred her with 2 different males. Therefore, we don’t know exactly who the father of Suriya is. After the birth, Mae Ven walked with her 1 month old calf from Hongsa to Sayaboury, a journey that took a few days. Mae Ven joined the ECC baby bonus program in 2011 and her mahout was supported during Mae Ven’s lactation period as she was unable to work. When the contract of the Baby Bonus drew to an end, the 4 owners decided that they could no longer take care of Mae Ven and Suriya anymore. They decided to sell both of them, so in 2013 Mae Ven and Suriya became part of the ECC herd.

Distinguishing features: The smallest elephant at the ECC, large scar on the right front leg, very wrinkled skin, pink freckles at the edge of both ears, dark brown eyes, beautiful tail.

Personality traits: Mae Ven is a very good mother. She is quiet but also naturally inquisitive and enjoys the company of other elephants. She enjoys spending time with her calf Suriya. While she is calm by nature, sometimes she can be very playful. At times, Mae Ven can annoy the others elephants, especially Mae Dok and Mae Khoun.

Maternity: 3 calves

  • Gender: Female
  • Year of birth: 1977
  • Arrived at the ECC: 2011
  • Weight (2019): 2160 kg
Olexandr Rupeta