Mae Thong Bay

History: Mae Thong Bay worked in logging industry before joining a tourist camp in Thongmixay and then in another tourist camp in Van Vieng, where she stayed for 10 years with her should mate Mae Kham Pheng. Both belonged to the same owner. After their work in Van Vieng, Mae Kham Pheng and Mae Thong Bay were moved to another tourist camp in Luang Prabang for a few months. Her mahout at the tourist camp hit her repeatedly in the head and this caused a large infection under the skin of her forehead. Finally, her owner decided to sell Mae Thong Bay and Mae Kham Pheng to the ECC. When she arrived to the ECC, she was taken to the hospital daily to have her injuries treated. Thanks to the effort of the team, the care of her new mahouts and her patience, she has now fully recovered. She had two calves before coming to the ECC but we don’t know where they are. Some people say that they are in Thailand or in China, working at a tourist camp. Since she arrived at the ECC, she has spent a lot of her time with Mae Kham Pheng. Mae Thong Bay is enjoying her golden years in peaceful retirement.

Distinguishing features: no bristles on her tail, very recessed temporal lobes

Personality traits: Mae Thong Bay has a gentle character. She is social and curious. She easily accepts the presence of other elephants.

Maternity: two calves

  • Gender: Female
  • Year of birth: 1966
  • Arrived at the ECC: January 2018
  • Weight (2019): 2840 kg