Mae Khoun

History: Mae Khoun’s former owner Mr. Savanh, from Phonthong village, Phieng district, Sayaboury province bought her in the Northern Sayaboury district of Xienghone in 2005. She has been used for logging operations for all her adult life. With little work now available in his district, and no one to care after the elephant (the owner’s mahout wanted to go back to his former job as a farmer), the owner wanted to sell her as soon as possible as she was becoming a liability for his family. However, he was very thankful of the work that Mae Khoun did for his family, so he didn’t want her to work anymore. For that reason, he contacted the ECC with the hope that we could rescued her. Mae Khoun arrived to the ECC in 2014 in very good body conditions. She was rescued thanks to financial support from the Elephants Umbrella Funds and the ECC in April 2014 and since then lives a quiet life at her new retreat surrounded by plenty of new friends!

Distinguishing features: tall in size, big ears with pink freckles, beautiful “mango-like” tail, single tush on the right, large abscess on the right shoulder due to past work in logging

Personality traits: Mae Khoun came from Hongsa and grew up isolated from other elephants. Consequently, she has some problems to socialize with the other elephants unless she is with her mahout. She also prefers to take a bath alone. Mae Khoun is very observant, reserved, cautious and easily scared by new things. As of March 2019, her only friends were Mae Bounmy, Mae Boun Nam and Suriya and they spend a lot of time together in the enrichment area, which we hope will help Mae Khoun develop confidence around other elephants.

Maternity: no pregnancies yet

  • Gender: female
  • Year of birth: 1980
  • Arrived at the ECC: April 2014
  • Weight: 2300 kg
Mae Khoun