Bua Banh

History: Bua Banh worked in the logging industry all of his adult life. In 2011, he had an accident. Bua Banh was pulling a log down a hill which came to hit his leg. At the time, vets from the Sayaboury Mobile Clinic treated Bua Banh and took out a piece of bone measuring 20 cm long. Bua Banh was physically unable to work for 3 years while his leg recovered. During this time, the owner, Mr Lei, was unable to pay his mahout. After these 3 years, the owner gave his mahout Bua Banh instead of the sum owed. Due to his injury, Bua Banh’s leg is severely weakened and now he has a pronounced limp in his right hind leg. A fracture is difficult to treat in elephants without specialist equipment that is not available in Lao PDR. In 2014, despite his weakened leg, Bua Banh was put back to work in the logging industry where he worked for another two years. Bua Banh first came to the ECC in January 2017. We rented him for four months as part of our breeding program. During the Elephant Festival in February 2017, Bua Bahn’s mahout owner agreed to sell Bua Bahn to the ECC.

Distinguishing features: limping leg, open wound on the left hind leg, tall in size, presence of short tusks, no hairs on his tail, tips of his ears are cut out

Personality traits: Bua Bahn has a gentle character and walks slowly due to his injured leg. He is a little bit scared of people walking behind him so it is best to stay in front of him. Bua Bahn likes being with our females but it would be too dangerous for him to mount them so we keep them separated.

Paternity: no known calves

  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1986
  • Arrived at the ECC: 2017
  • Weight (2019): 2840 kg
Bua Banh