• Endocrinology laboratory


  • Socialization Area & enrichment


  • Positive Reinforcement

    Positive Reinforcement

  • Children at the Elephant Conservation Center, Sayaboury, Laos

    Tourism for Conservation

    The Elephant Conservation Center is working to take elephants out of the hazardous logging industry and actively promotes the reconversion of working practices into ecotourism.

  • Elephant baby, elephant bath, natural habitat

    Breeding programme

    The Elephant Nursery is an innovative reproduction project led by Lao mahouts and the Center. It relies on voluntary participation and aims to support mahouts involved in logging to bear the cost of breeding their elephant.

  • Sponsor an elephant

    The Elephant Conservation Center aims to safeguard the Asian elephant, an emblematic species worldwide and is currently the only organization in Laos to provide veterinary care, promote welfare and to encourage reproduction of this population of endangered elephants.