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  • hongsa

    Supporting Hongsa children

    Our hospitality manager Mr. Sack left for a 3 days trip to Hongsa, his original town, to meet with local schoolchildren at the district  primary school. There he explained the work undertaken at the Elephant Conservation Center to an audience of kids who received books as part of this activity.

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  • baci4

    New Year Elephant Baci

    To enter the Lao New Year, the ECC organised a baci for our elephants, mahouts and staff. A Baci is a ritual used to celebrate important events and occasions, like the beginning of the New Year. The ritual of the Baci involves tying strings around a person’s wrist to preserve good

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  • Thong-Khoun-copia

    Thongkhoon in musth again

    Thong Khoun is in musth. Musth can be defined as a periodical change of the behavior of elephant bulls, which can last from some weeks up to some months. This change has got hormonal reasons. During the musth period a bull produces 40 to 60 times more of testosterone (male sex hormone)

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