Arrival of a new female at the center

We are proud to announce that we were able to bring one more elephant to the center. In April, we had a large enough budget to purchase Mae Khoun Song. She shares her name with another female in the center, Mae Khoun. That is why we have decided to add Song, which is Lao for two, to her name. As you know, as soon as our cost are covered, all the extra income goes straight to the conservation projects. It is because of all your support and visits that we are able to continue our socialization and reproduction programme. None of this would have been possible without you!
In the video, you can see how she was brought to the center from Thongmixay. She was transported by truck while one of her mahouts stayed in the back to reassure her. The trip didn’t go completely as planned due to a flat tire, but we are happy to see her finally arrive to the center where she can start meeting the other members of the herd.
We hope we can count on your support for many years!

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