Positive Reinforcement

Our Positive Reinforcement Training consists of daily target training, teaching our elephants how to present their limbs to the vets to make treatments easy. Elephants are rewarded when they perform the right action according to the verbal command they receive. This is a non-violent and gentle way to train elephants and ensures control of the animal by our mahouts.



Encourage elephant natality

Our breeding programme aims at increasing the number of elephant biths in Laos

Mahouts Vocational Training

Support the reconversion of logging mahouts into ecotourism

Re-herding programme

Re-create social bonds within our elephant group at the 'Socialization Area'.

Positive reinforcement training is a necessary step to balance a life in semi-wild conditions and control required by the mahouts and vets. Using a routine teaching of verbal commands and rewards, the elephants steadily learn how to lift their legs and present their toes or trunk for treatment. This daily activity reinforces  the bond between the animal and its keeper while avoiding any violence.