Elephant Nursery

The Elephant Nursery is an innovative reproduction project led by Lao mahouts and the Center. It relies on voluntary participation and aims to support mahouts involved in logging to bear the cost of breeding their elephant.

Learn more about our programme and come and visit the Mummies and their offspring.

You can even adopt a baby elephant !


Encourage elephant natality

Our breeding programme aims at increasing the number of elephant biths in Laos

Mahouts Vocational Training

Support the reconversion of logging mahouts into ecotourism

Re-herding programme

Re-create social bonds within our elephant group at the 'Socialization Area'.



A peaceful home for mother & child

The Elephant Nursery is a peaceful home for pregnant cows, young mothers and calves.

Set in the protected area bordering  Nam Tien lake, the nursery has permanent access to water and plenty of natural fodder to graze on.

The objective of the nursery is to offer the best environment to the most important elements of the declining elephant population of Laos. Because they are not sufficiently rested or are returned to work too early, many mother elephants stop milking before it is safe for their offspring to feed on solid foods. This often results in the calf becoming too weak to survive. Reproductive rates are critically low in Laos and it is of the utmost importance to safeguard currently pregnant cows, young ones and encourage mahouts to breed their elephants.


The nursery is set in 100 hectares of natural forest allowing access to plenty of diverse natural fodder to the pregnant cows, the young mothers and their babies. Professional biologists and veterinarians are in charge of caring after the elephants. Vets provide free pre and post natal care to the cows and calves. The babies receive extra care after birth and during the two critical years preceding weaning. Diet and safety of the calves are our highest priority.

The programme contributes to ensuring a happy future to the precious newborns at the Center. It also offers elephant owners across the country with an incentive package to motivate them to breed their elephants.

The Elephant Nursery is a safe haven for pregnant elephants to give birth, away from the stress of logging camps.

Check out more on the “Baby Bonus” page.

This programme needs your support to help fund the maintenance costs of the nursery area and purchase veterinary equipment and medicines. 

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