How to Support Us?

6 easy ways to help Lao elephants

On Social Media

Write a review on Trip Advisor (search for “elephant conservation center” In Sayaboury). Like our Facebook page and share it. Send us your best photos and videos!

Making a Donation

You can make a donation directly to the elephant conservation center or by bank transfer (contact us at [email protected]). Donations allow us to develop new projects (e.g. extension of our land concession, new elephant rescues, breeding programme, conservation of wild elephants in the Nam Pouy National Protected Area…)


You can join the fundraising campaigns advertised on our Facebook page. You can also launch your own campaign and we will support you by providing you with all necessary pictures and information.

Sponsor an Elephant

You can support a given elephant. In order to do this, simply visit our Elephant Sponsoring page on this website and subscribe online!


Your company can partner with us on a specific project (e.g. construction of a pen, observation platforms, land concession extension, sponsorship of a mother and her calf…) If you are interested, you can talk to your management.

The Shop

Buy a souvenir at the Elephant Conservation Center’s shop!