Coming to the center? You can help us!

In order to take care of our elephants, we constantly need equipments, medications… Unfortunatly, some of those products are not available in Laos. You already planned to come? You can take a step further, and help us, with a donation of some items.

  1. HOW ?
    Below are the most needed items to take care of our elephants. Have look to see if you would like to bring some of them.
  2. We made the things easy for you, for each item you have the link to buy it directly on internet.
  3. Longtime travelers you can help us too! Most of the following items are available in pet shops in Thailand. If you go there before coming to Laos you will be able to buy the products without having to carry them during months!


A doubt? A question? Ask to our biologist by mail :

Joint supplement for horses

We use this product for the daily care of the joint of Boua Banh.

Liquid Vegetable Glycerine

Glycerine is necessary for the ultrasound in rectal procedure

Dip Quick Stain Refill Kit

We use this item for routine health check of our elephants

Insulated Wire Strainer

We need wire strainer to tense the wires of our electric fences

Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Cotton sticks are necessary to clean the wounds of our elephants

Fender buoy

Elephants love to play with buoy in the enrichment area. Preference in white or blue

A series buoy

Elephants love to play with buoy in the enrichment area.


This is used to preserve tissu samples

Monoject integrated serum separator tube

Necessary for the blood samples

Microscope slides and glass covers

Cream Clinivate

We need Clinivate to treat cutaneous tinea infections of our elephants