The Elephant Conservation Center’s restaurant proposes a choice of delicious traditional Lao foods. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and our cooks do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate).

The dishes are prepared with fresh produce from the local market or the Center’s gardens.

You can order drinks and snacks and enjoy them by the lake at the relaxing Sala set at the tip of the peninsula.

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Our accommodation includes 10 bungalows with either twin or double beds and 5 twin rooms within our dormitory-style traditional stilt house. Our new lodge provides a higher degree of comfort and can accommodate a large family or a group of friends. Rooms have no air conditioning nor fans, but our location by the lake provides fresh air most of the year.

The Dorm’s Story…

The Center purchased a traditional wooden stilt house from Viengkeo Village, Hongsa District, in the northern part of Sayaboury. It was sold by one of Viengkeo’s oldest and most revered elephant masters. The old man has now passed away. We believe that using the traditional house of one of the very last Tai Lue elephant masters in Laos as a place to welcome elephant enthusiasts from around the world is a good way to conserve this heritage and share it with the public.

The relocation of the house was agreed upon by Viengkeo’s Village Chief in November 2009. With the house staying in its province of origin (transported only 90km southwards), local authorities had no objection to the building being dismantled and reassembled in Sayaboury district.

The house has been renovated using craftsmen from Viengkeo and traditional techniques.




Bungalows are simple traditional stilt bamboo huts fit with excellent bedding and a moskito net. They have a private balcony with a view on the Nam Tien lake. Additional beds for children can be installed on demand.

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