The Elephant Hospital

The hospital at the Lao Elephant Conservation Center aims to treat elephants suffering from severe injuries and acute infectious diseases that cannot be managed effectively in the field. 

Care is provided by a team of local veterinary technicians assisted by international vets.

Construction of the hospital was completed in September 2011 and like other buildings at the Center, it is powered primarily using solar energy.


Sick and injured elephants are immobilised for treatment in a facility known as a ‘crush’ which allows provision of quality care without any risk to our veterinarians or the patient. The hospital includes a pharmacy and a laboratory equipped for blood analysis and parasitology and protocols are implemented in order to test for common infectious diseases. In the drug preparation room, our staff prepares food and medicines adapted to elephants. Our drugs and equipment are use for both the Center’s elephants and patients from all over the country.  Facilities also includes a large open space office for completing that all important paperwork and a bedroom for those late night treatment duties.

Indicators of Poor Elephant welfare:

  •  Entire ribcage visible beneath the skin
  •  Visible wounds or injuries around lower legs, feet, and behind ears
  •  Chain wounds (broken skin and tissue damage along horizontal plane in ankles
  •  Damaged or infected feet and toenails.
  •  Swaying from side to side and head bobbing (from lack of sensory stimulation and behavioural opportunities